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*Read at least 20 minutes every day out loud to your child
(Suggested reading: Mem Fox - Reading Magic  
Carol McCloud - Have you filled a bucket today)

*Track the words with your finger as you read

*Ask your child questions about what was just read

*Use Nursery Rhymes to point out rhyming words and find more rhymes

*Work on the first sounds of words

*Test their sequencing, first/middle/last part of the story or day

*Make sure they can recognize numbers to 10, out of order

*Patterns, use while cooking or playing games
(Use pasta, beans, money - make a pattern and have your child duplicate it.)

*Consistent and respectful behavior and good manners

Tips for Kindergarten Readiness
Please remember to use your list of the sight words throughout the summer. (Click "Site Words" below for a printable list of words.) It is recommended that kids know how to read these when entering kindergarten. You can cut these apart and make flash cards for your child to practice. These were suggestions from Kindergarten teachers at a Pre-K Articulation class. They are also things that your child should be working on in preschool.  
The Fairfield-Suisun Adult School is proud to support
 parents as they raise children who reach for the stars!
"Experts tell us that 90% of all brain development occurs by the age of five. If we don't begin thinking about education in the early years, our children are at risk of falling behind by the time they start Kindergarten." - Robert. L. Ehrlich