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Parent Education Preschool Cooperative (P.E.P.) 3-5 years

Parent Education Preschool offers 1-2-3-Magic and Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.) classes.  It is the perfect opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their child and acquire knowledge to be the best parent they can be. P.E.P. is a community that inspires children’s creativity, wonder, and a love of learning.  
Because of an increased demand this year we have added a two day a week afternoon class!  

Read, Learn and Grow-ELA with your Preschooler 3–5 years old 

This course is based on research that supports the importance of parental involvement in the literacy development of their children. The SPACE Program recognizes that parents are their child's first teachers and we believe that continuing literacy development in the home is vital. This parent/child literacy class links home to school and parent to child to teacher. It provides parents with opportunities to learn more about comprehensive literacy and to understand their role in helping their children to succeed. Each session begins with an ELA lesson for parents while the children participate in literacy related preschool activities with two co-teachers. At the end of each class, parents and children work together on an introductory activity and enjoy story time together.
Interactive classes designed with your family in mind. 
The Fairfield-Suisun Adult School is proud to support
 parents as they raise children who reach for the stars!
Younger Parent/Toddler 12-24 months 

Imagine a place with a safe, inviting and relaxed atmosphere where you can meet other parents, build relationships, and find answers to your parenting questions. Parent/Toddler class is just such a place. Your little ones can play while you gain valuable support and learn helpful tips about raising your young child from other parents and from the caring, knowledgeable Parenting Educator. Play is your child’s work and is essential for proper brain development. ​
Older Parent/Toddler  24-36 months 

Parent and toddler attend this class together. The principles and skills in this class can help you feel more confident in your parenting role. Learn skills to increase your confidence and make connections with other new parents.

For more information or to register for classes

On-line classes designed with your family in mind. 
                         1-2-3 Magic Online 

Discipline techniques for parents of children ages 2-12 years old. 
1-2-3 Magic is dedicated to helping parents build strong, positive relationships with their children and overcome the stress of disciplining. It offers practical easy-to-use discipline techniques that WORK! The mission of 1-2-3 Magic is to help parents raise well-behaved, happy, competent children and put the fun back into parenting! 
Parenting young children can be unusually rewarding,
occasionally difficult, and always a challenge. Early
Childhood S.T.E.P: Systematic Training for Effective
Parenting of Young Children (ages 0-6) course can
help parents meet the challenge.
Its purpose is to provide:
 A look at the long-term goals of parenting
 Information on how young children thing, feel
and act
 Skills that can increase your enjoyment and
effectiveness as a parent
 Skills that can develop your child’s self-esteem
and confidence
 Support for yourself as a parent and as a person
 Effective ways to teach cooperation and
Earn a 12-hour certificate by completing this course.
Students will be required to purchase a STEP book on
their own. A link will be provided to order it online. If
you have any questions, please send an email to
$25. + book fee Online
This is an online, self-paced course.
Join anytime!
Teachers may click HERE to access printable certificates.
For more information or to register for our classes, click HERE
PEACE Extended
A new online class to help with parents that are going through custody and divorce!
7 Classroom hours plus 5 online hours’ equals 12 hours total 
This Online Class is in conjunction with our Classroom PEACE classes. The Online Class really brings home the main topics.
Online class includes;
1.A vocabulary puzzle
2.3 essay questions to answer
3.Reading 2 parenting articles and answering questions about them.
4.Writing a short essay of 100 words or more
5.A multiple choice quiz
6.When completed, a certificate that can be printed verifying the completion of the extra 5 hours

To get the information to register email Stacy Bouchard @ 

S.T.E.P. Early Childhood Online Class
(Systematic Training for Effective Parenting)
When families break up, parents need to learn how to
help their child adjust to the changes in their lives. The
Co-Parenting Online Class helps parents improve the
parental relationship by reducing conflict. This class
also helps parents understand their critical role in
helping their child adjust through co-parenting. Earn a
12 or 16 hour certificate by completing this course. If
you have any questions, please send an email to
$25 for the 12-hour class
$50 for the 16-hour class
This is an online, self-paced course. Join anytime!

.Parents are a child’s first teachers and as such play a vital role in supporting a child’s development. Healthy, engaged parents or caregivers are the best brain supports a child can have. Circle time fun, finger plays, sensory experiences and motor development opportunities help young children make sense of the world they live in. In class we will form a community of support to discuss important parenting topics, introduce early communication skills such as sign language and provide an opportunity for social interaction. Class time is 1 hour, one day per week.
Baby Beginnings Birth-12 months